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7 Essential Public Relations Tools

In addition to a full suite of digital tactics, our media experts employ these 7 Essential Public Relations Tools when interacting with the media:

1. Press Releases:

Concise documents that disseminate news or updates about an organization to the media.
Used When: There’s a major event or update within the company that the public should be informed about.

2. Pitches:

Tailored messages sent to specific journalists to propose a potential story idea.
Used When: You have a unique story or angle that you believe would interest a particular journalist or media outlet.

3. Media Alerts:

Brief notices sent to journalists and media outlets about upcoming events or news, providing all the essential details.
Used When: There’s an imminent event or announcement, and you want to secure media coverage.

4. Holding Statements:

A brief statement issued immediately after a crisis, indicating that the organization is aware of the situation and will provide more information soon.
Used When: An unexpected incident occurs, and there’s a need to acknowledge it publicly before full details are known or a complete response is ready.

5. Media Kits:

Packages containing materials like company background, executive bios, fact sheets, logos, and high-resolution images.
Used When: Launching a new product, attending a major trade show, or any situation where you expect media inquiries.

6. Bylined Articles:

Articles written by a company representative, positioning the author and the organization as thought leaders.
Used When: You want to share expertise on a topic or establish industry authority.

7. Op-Eds:

An opinion piece typically written by an outside contributor, representing personal views on an issue, not the publication’s editors.
Used When: Taking a stand on an issue, sparking discussion, or influencing public opinion on a topic relevant to your brand or industry.

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