Lincoln Property Company
Core services:
Strategy, Brand Development, Materials Development, Website Development
Branding Awareness

A Bold Move For An Established Brand

Lincoln Property Company (LPC) is a national commercial real estate firm that specializes in property leasing, management, and development—with a significant local presence throughout the Washington, DC metro area.

Throughout its 65+ year history, LPC has established itself as a reputable, trustworthy organization with an untarnished reputation. This foundation has always been a position of strength, but as the market pivoted—and larger competitors with modern, proprietary tools proactively made their marks—LPC knew they needed a seismic shift to reposition themselves to stay top of mind and ultra competitive. They turned to FOVNDRY, their strategic and creative partner for several years, to modernize their brand, amplify their client-centric approach, and showcase their full suite of services across the following deliverables:

  • Visual and Verbal Brand Identity
  • Asset Toolkit
  • Stationery
  • Presentation, Proposal, and Report / Whitepaper Templates
  • Retail and Leasing Email Templates
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Signage
  • Website
  • Monthly Organic Social
  • Earned Media + Thought Leadership
Established Brand

Building A Strong Foundation

FOVNDRY began with a stakeholder immersion with key LPC team members across verticals, followed by a comprehensive competitive audit to identify the unique differentiators and opportunities in this market. Armed with a refined positioning and associated messaging strategy, FOVNDRY developed an elevated and flexible design system—inclusive of a refined color palette and new typography, graphic, and photography styles—delivered as a comprehensive toolkit for ongoing rollout by LPC’s internal team.

The end result was a modern and flexible brand that showcases LPC’s deep history and hyperlocal expertise in the DC region, with all the integrated tools, resources, and capabilities to compete and succeed nationally.

Brand Awareness

Bringing The Experience To Life

In addition to the new brand visual and verbal identity and associated asset toolkit, FOVNDRY developed modular presentation, proposal, retail and leasing email templates, as well as a comprehensive, editorial-inspired corporate brochure.

And, in coordination with our web development, maintenance, and hosting partner, Scale, we launched a brand new, fully responsive digital experience at From site mapping, planning, project management, and quality assurance support; to all site content and imagery curation, development, and organization—plus, overall creative and art direction—FOVNDRY ensured strategic and tactical alignment with the new brand vision every step of the way.

The modern, elevated positioning is further showcased in ongoing monthly organic social, thought leadership, and earned media efforts executed by FOVNDRY’s integrated team—proudly fulfilling the promise of promoting LPC as a visionary company with leading-edge capabilities across their brand ecosystem.

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