It’s Good 2B with FOVNDRY

When Baltimore-based mother-daughter duo Nancy and Bridget—the 2Betties—set out to reduce the amount of sugar and unnatural ingredients in our food with their delicious, better-for-you donut-shaped snack, they knew they needed a brand identity as unique as their “Rounds.”

The creation of the “Round” character was literally done on a restaurant napkin—where the first meeting took place with future FOVNDRY Chief Creative Officer, Gerald Mitchell. The idea was to prominently feature and showcase the all-natural nutty goodness of their products and (at the same time) create an identifiable mascot for delivering quick and clever messaging. How? By simply adding hand-drawn arms, legs, and talk bubbles to the product shot.

Core services:
Integrated Marketing, Creative

All from Scratch

The duality of the proposed “For goodness sake” tagline really spoke to the passion and commitment that 2Betties had for getting in the snack business in the first place—while also hinting at their displeasure with so many sugary snacks posing as “healthy options.” As the 2Betties perfected their recipes, Mitchell and now FOVNDRY Creative Director, Jase Neapolitan, got busy outside of the kitchen and unveiled a fully baked look and feel for a variety of branded assets, including:

  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Logos
  • Complete Brand Identity Kit—Look & Feel; Tone & Manner
  • Rights-Owned Photography, Illustration, and Typography Suite
  • Packaging Design and Copy for Individual and Bulk Products
  • Fully Branded and Messaged Shopify Website (
  • Point-of-Purchase and Event Materials, Sales Sheets, and Postcards
  • Creative Assets for Social Media and Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Template Copy, Design, and Development (MailChimp)

A Fully Baked Brand Experience

In early 2020, as 2Betties looked to expand its marketing strategy to explore new wholesale and direct-to-consumer opportunities, they turned once more to Mitchell and Neapolitan (now backed by the entire FOVNDRY creative and account service team) to take their business to the next level. In less than a year, significant updates were made to the logo and brand identity (documented via a full style guide and asset toolkit), website, and email templates, as well as packaging and the complete customer unboxing experience.