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Thinking Of Rebranding? Here Are Five Good Reasons To Rebrand—The Right Way.

Brand refresh. Brand update. Brand elevation. Brand makeover. There are lots of ways to label a rebranding effort. And chances are, if any of these naming conventions have recently come to mind, it’s because you’ve been thinking about enhancing the look, feel, and/or perception of your existing brand identity.

Whether starting over from scratch or refining existing elements while maintaining others that are working, rebrands come in all shapes and sizes and encompass portions or all of the following components:

  • Brand House/Architecture—Mission, values/pillars, differentiations, personality, positioning, and promise
  • Verbal Identity—Naming, tagline, theme line, copy/messaging, and structured content
  • Visual Identity—Logo, color palette, typography, graphic treatments, photography and illustration treatments, and iconography

A trusted branding and strategy agency can help you identify the right components for your rebranding effort—typically through a brand audit and corresponding immersion or discovery phase—to refine your focus based on your goals and objectives. The sooner you can identify the catalyst(s) driving a possible rebrand and what you’re looking to achieve, the sooner you can get out there and take advantage of all its benefits.


1. Your business model or target audience(s) have changed.

Whether it’s via a merger, through steady growth, or out of necessity due to a shift in the industry or competitive landscape, your organization has evolved into something special. Maybe you offer new products or services, have gained core expertise in a new industry, or are looking to reach and engage new audiences. Technically, you may not be “new”, but you’re definitely improved. Now it’s time to send that signal to the marketplace. Whether you want to attract new talent, new clients, or new opportunities, a rebrand can help significantly. Rethink. Reposition. Rebrand.

2. You’re feeling a little outdated, or are misaligned with today’s cultural needs and expectations.

The brand that was created for your company years ago just doesn’t reflect your business—or society—today. It might have looked great at the time—with trendy colors, styles, and a catchy tagline—but now it all feels dated. Or maybe has become (inadvertently) insensitive, discriminatory, or non-inclusive. Just like people and policies, brands should change with the times. A rebrand that’s well researched, planned, and executed can have an immediate impact AND lasting power—both from a business perspective and on society at large.

3. You’re in a copycat or overly saturated industry.

You need to break the mold and set yourself apart in a sea of sameness. A competitive advantage starts with identifying what makes you different—and then communicating those differences in clear, more interesting and effective ways. Sometimes it’s simplifying what you already have. Or staying away from cliched jargon and imagery. Look outside of your own industry. You may find it quite inspiring.

4. You have major external communications efforts in the queue.

Your website is becoming obsolete, you need a customized app, or a major multimedia, traffic-driving campaign is already on the books. If your company or organization is looking to make a significant investment in your communications efforts, make sure your core brand and positioning are sending the right message to maximize your ROI. It’s easier and much more cost effective to revise a brand prior to any major external push. Instead of re-skinning things after the fact, you’re launching with that extra WOW factor.

5. You need to reframe your brand following a negative perception or crisis.

You’ve exhausted all options (consulting true crisis communications pros) and the only way to recover your brand’s reputation is to make a significant, foundational change. If you’re committed to your customers and/or target audiences and want to send that message loud and clear, authentically acknowledging your mistakes, evaluating your brand at the core, and setting a clear and transparent action plan for moving forward, may make all the difference. It’s not a quick fix and it means accepting some difficult truths, but can be the critical step that determines the trajectory of your brand’s future.

Regardless of the catalyst or goals, a rebrand is more than refining a logo, switching up colors, and jazzing up copy. It’s a collective, synchronized process that goes beyond the surface and gets to the core of your business. Yes, it’s a somewhat arduous and daunting journey. But with experienced guides—who not only know how to execute and implement a rebrand, but also how to effectively involve and communicate with key stakeholders, decision makers, and target audiences—it can be an incredibly revealing and rewarding experience.

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